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Please note the “Instant Estimate” is not a final quote. This form is designed to give you an idea of the estimated cost of your project. You will need to explain your project and needs in detail to one of our product experts for a formal quote.

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Common Questions

How long will my project take?

Projects can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months depending on the scope. When getting a formal quote from one of our product experts you will be provided with a timeline for the project.

Can I Also Add ____ To My Site?

Yes. We can do pretty much anything you can think of on the web, but since there are so many options out there , we can’t include all of them in this simple form. Please discuss any additional features in the comments area of the form and we will give you a custom quotes to add that feature to the site.

Will my site have a CMS?

Yes. All sites be it a blog, store, website etc all include a free CMS system. On most websites and blogs the CMS we normally use is WordPress. For eCommerce sites we normally use Opencart.

We do not see a need to add a fee to allow our customers the ability to work on there site/content/products in an easy to use back-end system. This is expected functionality and is provided without a fee.

Will I See The Design Before You Code The Site?

Yes. We always send a design in a image before coding anything, and go back and forth with the design before we every code anything.

We want to make sure your 100% satisfied with your site and this is the best way to accomplish that!

Do You Provide Hosting?

Yes all sites receive 1 year of free hosting. After the first year, you can either choose to move the site to another host or continue hosting with us for the price of $119.00 Per year.

Do You Provide A Domain Name?

Yes/No. We believe it is in the clients best interest to purchase/own there domain name on there own account.  Will will pay for the registration of the domain, and help you go through the process of registering it, but it will belong to you.

Too many times have we heard horror stories of clients coming to us wanting to get a site redo as they had a problem with XYZ company but the old provider owned the domain , and for many different reasons would not give ownership to the client.

We want to avoid any such issues, and for you too feel 100% happy/comfortable with our server, and we do not need to hold anything ransom.

Will my current site break while you are making the new site?

No. Your new site will be developed on our test environment, and will not become your active website until you are 100% satisfied with the new site. Your will be provided with a URL to the development server to see progress at any time.

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