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Today's Lesson: Selecting a topic for your web site

Before you start throwing code together, you need to select a topic for your web site. Ideally, you will want to find a topic that has a low to medium amount of competition within the Search Engines but a medium to high amount of search queries. Before we get into any analysis, let's look at how you can find possible topics for your web site. In my opinion, there are two main ways to go about this:

The Pigeonhole Method

The Pigeonhole Method refers to the process of selecting a niche topic for your web site. When I use the word "niche," I'm referring to the millions of topics that although they are searched for every day, you're not going to see any news about them. A niche topic can be anything from "dog grooming" to "clown accessories." Although there are millions of these topics out there, sometimes it seems impossible to think of one. Luckily, there are a variety of tools designed to help you pinpoint these niche topics

Word of Advice: When you're searching for a niche topic, try to focus on niches that interest you enough to learn more about them. Although this is not absolutely necessary, I guarantee that it will make your web site building experience much more pleasant!

If you have absolutely no niche ideas , the Random Niche Generator will be your best friend. Everytime you click "Get Another Niche," the Random Niche Generator will provide you with a possible topic for your web site. Although it will provide you with some extremely boring niches, you will get an interesting niche every couple of clicks. Using the Random Niche Generator for less than five minutes will provide you with plenty of possible niche topics.

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If you have already have a general topic in mind , KwBrowse is a quick way to find a variety of niches within a larger topic. Type in any keyword and KwBrowse will provide you with a visual and text list of possible niche keywords. You can also use KwBrowse to explore other possibilites for the niches provided to you by the Random Niche Generator.

Quick Tip: If you're using Firefox, you can save yourself some time by downloading the VRE Toolbar. The VRE Toolbar contains the tools listed above, along with several others that I will be discussing in upcoming posts.

Last Words on the Pigeonhole Method: When you are browsing through potential niche topics, keep in mind that a niche topic does not have to be overly specific. In fact, you don't want it to be overly specific. The goal of the Pigeonhole Method is to find a balance between really general and really specific web site topics. For example, "dogs" is a really general topic. A web site with a topic such as "hunting dogs" or "german sheperd dogs" is going to do much better. However, an overly specific topic, such as "clothing for german sheperd dogs" is too limited in it's scope. If you remember one word when using the Pigeonhole Method, remember this: BALANCE.

The Buzz Method

The Buzz Method refers to the process of using various tools to select a topic that is currently very popular throughout the Internet. The logic behind this method is that when a topic is hot, you can make a good deal of money by jumping on the bandwagon. I realize that there are probably hundreds of tools that you could use to find hot web site topics, but I have narrowed the list down to the ones that will deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time:

If you're looking for overall hot topics on the Internet, there's no better source than bloggers. Bloggers drive the hot news and trends throughout the Internet: therefore, it makes sense to take a peek at what they're buzzing about. Technorati's Popular page is the mecca of all things blogworthy. In addition to the obvious usefulness of the popular searches and tags, by scrolling down the page you can find the movies, books and news topics that have caught people's attention. If you have a little extra time, read through the post titles in some of the Top 100 blogs (Engadget is the perfect example of this). Whether it's a product line, news story or whatever else, the topics addressed in these blogs can make for premium "Buzz Method" topics.

Although I really believe that Technorati is the only tool you need to successfully find web site topics with the Buzz Method, there are other sites that provide valuable insights. Yahoo Buzz is great if you're looking for topics related to entertainment or sports, while Google News is the quickest way to find hot topics (without the bias/influence of the blogsphere).

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Closing Tip: When it comes to searching for hot topics, the newer the topic is, the better! Don't automatically shy away from hot topics that aren't brand new, but always try to keep an eye out for the next big thing

Today's Homework: Using the tools provided above, select five to ten topics using the The Pigeonhole Method and five to ten different topics using the The Buzz Method.

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