Creating Or Repairing Your Web Identity

We are not able to know the entire process each search engine uses (and it changes all the time) but there are a few things we can do to give the data we want people to see a fighting chance.

Content, Relevance, freshness:
Keeping these 3 words in mind will help top-load positive and informative content about you into a search engines query results.

  • Content: Make sure the information you provide is accurate and free of technical jargon.
    • Use descriptive words and terms that a potential customer might use when looking for what you do.
    • When you write, think about being the answer to someones question.
  • Relevance: Nothing yells relevance more to a search engine than multiple links to your website from other reputable websites.
    • Ask for links to your site from manufacturers of the products you sell and from other businesses.
    • Provide links to your site in the bio portion of all of your social networking sites.
    • Comment on relevant blogs and forums leaving a link to your website.

*This must be done on a regular basis to remain effective.

  • Freshness: Search engines are on a constant quest to remain relevant themselves, therefore the information they deliver to their clients needs to be up to date. If it's been weeks, months or years since your website has been updated, you are not going to appear even close to the top of the list.

    Little sidetrack now... I'm intending to revamp the site. Contemplating colour scheme a lot and needed feedback. What do all of you think of Yes, no? Leave me a comment. My apologies! I am a scatterbrain, We'll get back on track now.

Keeping these things in mind, it's time for a web strategy. Here are some tips to get you going.

  1. Spend some time to consider what you would like to be known for or for what you want to be considered an expert.
  2. Map out which resources you will be more comfortable updating regularly. Some examples are social media platforms such as:
    1. LinkedIn
    2. Facebook
    3. Google+
    4. YouTube

I'm going to say that I got the thought for this article chatting with Branux from Branux Innovative Technical Solutions. Thank you for the seed. I suppose you find ideas in unanticipated ways.

Post Sources - Appreciate you for selflessly sharing your know-how. - Really appealing web site.

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