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Welcome! Looking for Website Design In Sydney Nova Scotia?

A Powerful Solution For all your online needs!

About Moddish

Our design firm first opened its door in 2002 in Sydney Cape Breton Nova Scotia!  I was fresh out of college. I graduated with honors from CTI (computer training institute), where I studied Website design and marketing, computer technician and network technician.

I went to work for several companies in the local area, but noticed a common theme among them; they were all there to make as much money off each customer as they could. I realize that going into business is to make money, I do,  But it was the way they did it that didn’t sit well with me.They would convince customers of things they needed, which I knew was not the case and they would turn a $50 job into a $300 job, costing the customer money they didn’t have to spend.

That’s when I decided I would branch off and open my own website design firm. One of the key things we do here at ModDish Website Design Firm, we listen to each individual customer, Find out your needs, and design a solution that is right for you.I’m not here to get rich, I’m here to make a living, and provide a service that you will be proud to tell your friends about.

But do you really want your online business or online presence in the hands of an amateur? In order to be taken seriously by both your potential clients and competitors, your site should look professional. According to a recent survey, web visitors don’t trust a business with an amateurish look.

Did you ever notice on most website design firm quote systems that they start “Your Budget” at two thousand or more dollars, why?

It’s like your being pushed over your budget before you even fill out the form, that should send off some red flags.

I have designed hundreds of pages; for less than that kind of money, yes some have been over, but they are sites that involved a lot more work than an average website.

Here at ModDish website Design Firm we want your business, be it a $5 button or a $5000 site.

Each customer is just as valuable as the next, and we will go above and beyond for you, no matter what your quote is.

Why? Because we know that if your happy with our service, and feel like you got a good deal, you will come back to ModDish website Design Firm for all your design needs., And hopefully tell your friends about us!

Let Our Website Design Firm Take Your Company To The Next Level

Our website design firm, knows what you want in a website design firm. You want a team that will listed to you, do what ever it takes to meet the project specs, Be easy to get a hold of, forthcoming with information and to explain the website design process , in layman’s terms.

Website Design

Whether your company or organization needs a new website and web presence, or a redesign, restructuring, and upgrade of the current one, ModDish can help.Building websites is what we do best. Our websites are built with an emphasis on: aesthetic, custom design; content management; valid CSS/XHTML; cross-browser compatibility; accessibility & usability; and last but not least, SEO compatibility.

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E-Commerce Solutions

Powerful features you can bank on! ModDish use only the best shopping cart solutions, rich with powerful features that allow you to successfully run and manage your online store in today’s competitive marketplace.Built with the most recent php/sql web technologies, the Ecommerce Manager offers you the best package of – stunning designs, rich shopping experiences…

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Print & Identity

Graphic Design! The word it self has inherent whisper in it. Now, what do you mean by graphic? For Moddish Graphic Design is an assortment of Creative Idea, Conceptualization, Skills and Technology.The process of designing a Graphic begins with communication. The first step in Custom Graphic Design and Custom logo design is to understand the desired outcome…

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Some of Our Clients Include:

Absolutely Stunning, Professional and High-Converting Website Designs Made In Sydney Nova Scotia!

at Affordable Rates From a Company You Can Count On to Deliver Outstanding Results

Powerful features you can bank on!

  • Visually stunning custom graphics
  • Optimally add a cmsfor more control
  • Powerful and affordable
  • Built with the most recent web technologies
  • Enhanced browsing features resulting in increased conversion
  • Unparalleled client support and full dedication to your satisfaction

At Moddish Website Design Firm Sydney N.S., we make sure that your goals are met and the results exceed your expectations. What can we do for you?

I can create my own website, do I really need a professional ?

Our website design firm, will never “fancy” up what needs to be done, We will explain everything we are doing/going to do, in detail. This way you will always know exactly whats going on with your website design, and exactly what to expect. So go ahead, Give our website design firm a call, or send an email. And explain to us what our website design firm can do for you!

We promise when your done working with our website design firm, you will be completely satisfied, and want to tell all your friends about your experience with us!

What Are Our Clients Are Saying About Us? See For Yourself

Perfect experience! Evan is attentive, extremely timely, and also eager to make suggestions that make sense from a marketing AND design view. Rare qualities to find indeed!

Matt James aka MJMagic

Owner, Matthew James Magic

It was a great pleasure having Evan work on my project. I don’t think I have ever had this good contact with any web firm! Msn, Phone and Skype we did it all and the results are just what I wanted!



Evan is just wonderful to work with. He accommodates to my needs on this website redesign project and is very responsive and patient since I know very little about this. Great Work!



Genuinely nice guy and a pleasure to work with. Made it all seem easy!



Our CMS Systems of Choice

We test them all and this is what we think is best!

For Websites And Blogs

We Recommend WordPress!

WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.

For Stores

We Recommend Opencart!

OpenCart is an open source ecommerce software used to build online stores. It is feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly and with a visually appealing interface.

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Exactly Why to Select Mod Dish?

Here at Mod Dish we do take being a web design firm extremely earnestly. We all fully grasp that undeniably when folk are searching for an elite Sydney based web designer people want the best. That's why we struggle to be the best web design firm we all could be inside Nova Scotia. It really is our dedication to truly embodying the standout that has garnered all of us extremely good respect here with our valued consumers.

Being an elite Sydney based web designer all of us also continuously try to remember to respond to all our clients issues diligently and without delay. We invariably go to the effort. All of us think that it's genuinely vital to guarantee clientele feel truly valued and taken care of.

There are not an excess of web design firm who hold the particular expertise combined with experience to label their business as a pioneer of their industry. Mix that along with our higher degree of consumer service and we truly feel we absolutely are the best elite Sydney based web designer in Nova Scotia.

Just want to learn how to start?

Everthing starts off with a call.

Phone 902 270 6208.

We are happy to discuss all your web design firm questions in more detail on the phone or perhaps by using e-mail if perhaps this is preferable for your needs. Following this we shall propose the solution that best works with your present requirements. Discover why people today refer to us as the top elite Sydney based web designer!

Still Need Prodding? All the Arguments Why Mod Dish is An Elite Sydney Based Web Designer

Devotion to Great Quality - An Elite Sydney Based Web Designer and An Elite Sydney Based Web Designer

Our commitment to high-quality is definitely quite significant. Should you be looking to be an elite Sydney based web designer or an elite Sydney based web designer, there is truly not one other choice but to give it your personal best in order to excel. Whenever any specific client requires added attention, we provide this valued client more work. Whatever's necessary in order to make sure they are very pleased with us as a web design firm. Remember that, we do support all of Nova Scotia, therefore you should call.

Devotion - An Elite Sydney Based Web Designer and An Elite Sydney Based Web Designer

Our purchasers have labeled our business as an elite Sydney based web designer, an elite Sydney based web designer, an elite Sydney based web designer combined with the perfect Nova Scotia situated web design firm that exists! Honestly that won't materialise without exceptionally hard labor as well as persistence for the businesses clients and the top quality bestowed in your finished product. Anytime you are searching to get an elite Sydney based web designer, we all certainly feel we're honestly the very best pick. Simply call Mod Dish to explore your needs immediately! 902 270 6208.

Understanding - An Elite Sydney Based Web Designer and An Elite Sydney Based Web Designer

For virtually any industry, experience is certainly a significant ingredient affecting final results. If you might be wanting an elite Sydney based web designer, well that is much more accurate. As a web design firm, we will convey to anyone categorically how the final result is undoubtedly determined from the knowledge of the corporation you're hiring. The very significant degree of working experience which Mod Dish provides as an elite Sydney based web designer, is why anyone really should invest in all of us for your valuable critical requirements. Whenever you are shopping to get an elite Sydney based web designer, look into Mod Dish. Definitely communicate with us without delay.

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We refused to get under quoted. Never pay high fees merely because you couldn't contact all of us. Positive you were given an amazing price ? Why don't you be absolutely positively assured? Speak with us. You well may just simply see that we are the better value. Many individuals have already.

Selecting the best web design firm to engage is a critical venture. Otp for the best assessment. You should call us with simply no expectation to check if we all will be the optimal web design firm for your needs.

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