What Are Niche Websites & Why I Have Chosen This Method

So, I did a little research mainly of what affiliate products I could promote rather than what a good niche to set a site up in would be and found the highest paying offers. Travel. Insurance. Etc. One of my first sites was a travel booking site. I signed up with an affiliate IAN I think it was who paid out 20% commission for any hotel and travel bookings made through my site. Imagine how much people spend on travel, so dollar signs we're going off in my eyes thinking of the commission I would make. At the time I hadn't heard of wordpress so I put together a website myself, which is actually my favourite part of this whole process. At the time I thought it looked great but now that I know a whole lot more it probably didn't.

Everyday for months I checked my stats waiting for the traffic and money to roll in. As most of you probably guessed, it never did. I knew nothing about SEO or how to generate traffic. Also, I had chosen an area so saturated with competition, not just little competition but legitimate, hard core competition. I didn't realise it at the time but I was competing against Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline just to name a few. I probably didn't make it onto the 100th page of Google!

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So I got frustrated, left it and started a new website. I did thisa few times until I ended up with maybe 6 or 7 unfinished websites promoting products in categories that I just could never compete in. I guess at the time I looked at how much search there was for a keyword such as travel or hotel bookings and there is millions and thought "all I need is 1% of that traffic to come to my site" I never thought about how anyone was going to get to my site though. A couple of years passed where I put it on the back burner because I was frustrated. All the while I did keep learning about making money online because I have a genuine passion for the internet and want it to be my source of income.

What are niche websites

Basically niche websites are exactly what the term means - a special area of demand for a product or service . Or a recess in a wall for holding and statue or urn..Rather than building websites around subjects that have so much traffic but also massive amounts of competition, build something specialised for a smaller but more dedicated audience. If you choose a popular subject you have to realise the amount of time and money you will have to put into it before you can even hope to beat your competition. Imagine how much time and moneyI would have had to spend to beat Expedia to the top of Google.

How do niche sites work

Building a niche website takes a lot of research and planning before even getting started on the building phase. Research is where you do not want to get it wrong. I will basically research topics which have a low amount of traffic over 1,000 search per month but under say 50,000 and a low amount of competition. When I get to that stage I will go through in detail the way I have learnt so far to do this. When you target low traffic, low competition niches, it is easier and quicker to get to the front page of Google which is where you want to be if you want people to visit your site.

Why have I chosen this

There are an unlimited amount of ways that you can make money online. Just go over to the War Room at Warrior Forums and you will find hundreds of people with their own way of how they have made money online. Unfortunately, it is also all contradictory. For example, you will find many people who say niche websites are THE way to make a living online. I then read a report yesterday aboutthe fact niche websites are not the way to go because you can't cross sell. At the end of the day you have to pick one otherwise you will never make a move. I have chosen niche websites because the method makes sense to me and I feel like it's something I could be successful at. There are other ways to make money online that I just don't feel I have the knowledge, time or money to try. Perhaps in the future, but for right now it's niche websites.

I also recently purchased access to the Unstoppable Affiliate by Andrew Hansen an Australian internet marketer. While I think this course is aimed at people who has experience, as they don't start from the very beginning or include the basics and I already knew most of the topics they talked about, I feel like it was a good validation that I am on the right path. There's nothing worse when you are trying to give something a go, than feeling like you just don't know if what you are doing is correct.

The next step

So the next step is doing some research and purchasing domains and hosting. The next post will go into detail of the kind of research that needs to be done and where I buy my domains and hosting for both .com domain names and Australian .com.au domain name

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