Social Media and Networking

In the age of the internet, being involved in networking is crucial to the success of any new business venture. While a competent entrepreneur possesses many skills required to start a new business, they can easily compliment their own resources by assessing outside contacts. These outside contacts that add to the success of the new business venture are termed social capital. It used to be much harder to create and maintain a large networking base, with social networking sites like Facebook and Linkedin, it's easy to maintain contact with a large group of people. One of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship is the feedback you receive from others in your field or mentors with whom you are in contact with.

According to, there are 5 Social media trends that are crucial for entrepreneurs to understand:

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1. Diversify: Don't just use one social media site, use as many as you can. And don't just limit yourself to just Facebook and LinkedIn, take advantage of website builders such as WIX and YOLA, and blogs such as WordPress and Weebly, to help spread your message. Don't forget about Instagram and Vine either! Another great social media tool you may or may not have thought of is YouTube; this is great visual tool to help get people to recognize you, your company, and it is an easy way to get your message across while utilizing the hottest current social media trend-video.

2. Google+ is for real: A Google+ account is the best way to get a better "Author Rank" on Google, which will make your information more available to Google users, which is a large proportion of people using the internet.

Here is a great Video by Google's Matt Cutts in which he explains the impact of certain social media on Search Engine Optimization rankings, which is something you want a high rank for your business.

3. Integration of social media, SEO (search engine optimization), and content creation: In the era of digital media, there is no one perfect platform to share your content; the content you create and the way you market it has a direct effect on your SEO activity. All three of these factors goes into your SEO ranking and more you DIVERSIFY, the better you chances are of obtaining a higher author ranking, which means more visibility for the content you create.

4. Visual content will win: People don't like to read. If you have too much text embedded in your content, your readers will get bored and not continue reading. Create a document that has a multitude of different forms of media: pictures, links, videos, info-graphics, and anything else that stands out more than text.

5. Social media as a brand builder: Manage your social media channels in a way that actually builds your brand. Emphasize your value and what separates you from competitors. Create the ethos (character) of your brand and give it the image you set for it when you decided what your company was going to be and where it lives in the mind of the consumer.

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