10 Advantages for a Daily Blogger

1. The search engine like Google prefer the 'active' and 'alive' blogs.2. Repeated Promotions.3. Our blog is growing so fast.4. The blog will be up-to-date.5. Creating links in our blog.6. Attracting repeated visitors.7. Attracting new visitors.8. Writing Practices.9. Provoking our self-discipline.10. Establishing our credibility.

1. The search engine like Google prefer the 'active' and 'alive' blogs.

The search engine like Google like websites that always being updated. That means the websites are active and alive. Blog is quite easy to be updated. That's the advantage of having a blog. Let's see a simple example. When we search an information from Google, we will get lists of blogs, online newspapers and forums.Why do Google gives the priority to blogs, online newspapers and forums? The simplest answer is those three websites normally have the current updates and new added informations.

2. Repeated Promotions.

This is related to 'Followers' and 'RSS' feeds. If we always update our blog, our followers and 'RSS' subscribers will get new information from our blog. Let's say out of seven informations, there will be two or three informations that might attract readers to our blog. I was advised by Jonathan from Vertical Thinking Print & Web Inc that this is an excellent solution. They are not in my line of work nonetheless their instruction is generally golden.It's undeniably true if our blog is being updated everyday with good and interesting entries, we'll get some readers who read our blog everyday. Soon, it'll be part of their routine to click and read our blog.

3. Our blog is growing so fast.

One of the important factors for a blog to become popular is when it is growing so fast. Imagine if we write one post a day, in about three months, our blog already has 100 posts. From those posts in our blog, there must be some posts which become our readers favourite posts or popular in the search engine or it might be both.The more posts we have in our blog, it means that our blog is growing bigger. The bigger it is, it will be much better.

4. The blog will be up-to-date.

If we write in our blog about latest topic or even the outdated topic but it currently received public attention, our blog will be up-to-date. It will atrract our previous readers and also attract some traffics from the engine search.Sometimes, when we write about the latest issue, other bloggers would like to put their links to the post. For example, we write about child abuse in our blog. There are other bloggers who would like to write about the same issue and they can use our blog as their reference. Then, they can put our link in their posts.

5. Creating links in our blog.

The search engine like blogs that have links. This is also good for SEO. When we become a daily blogger, we need to write serial articles. WHY? This can help readers. Our readers don't have to read a very long post instead they only need to read only one part everyday. It also because our readers don't need to wait for so long to read the continuation part in our blog.Why do the serial posts is good in building the links? This is because, when we write the serial posts, we need to tell our readers about the previous series and also the upcoming series. We put the links from the current post to the previous post. Soon, we will have the chain of links in our blog. A blog with chain of links has a good characteristic.This advantage( no. 5) is also related to the no. 4 advantage.

6. Attracting repeated visitors.

This is related to the no. 2 advantage. However, the repeated visitors depend on the content of a blog. This is part of the challenges when we become a daily blogger. How to be careful in our writing so that we are able to attract the repeated visitors? I'm still studying and learning about this too.If we know how to detect the popular posts and also know how to look at the the types of readers and visitors to our blog, Insya Allah, this advantage will really be helpful. I'm still in the process of learning about this too.

7. Attracting new visitors.

A blog that is always been updated, has a great chance to receive new visitors. What's important is the process of filling up the blog with good, informational and beneficial contents. SEO technique should also become the priority.Don't just focus on the previous readers and visitors. We also need to think about new visitors. However, we shouldn't change our writing style in order to attract new visitors and then we lose some of our previous readers.What I can see from my blog, more than 50% of the traffics come from outside like the search engine, the comments that I wrote in the other blogs and the link that I put on the other blogs. Thus, everyday, there are some traffics that come from my older posts. Then they read the latest post and become silent readers and routine visitors.

8. Writing Practices.

Writing is a skill that needs lots of practice. We will be able to improve our writing skills if we always write. Insya Allah. There's a Malay proverb 'parang yang tidak digunakan akan berkarat'. On the other hand, if the machete is been used from time to time, it will be sharp and shiny. (literally translated)

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No matter which skills we use, there's a need of continuous and repetitious practices. The repeating habits will help us to master the skill. It's related to our brain cells. Writing activities is good in connecting our brain cells. Remember one of the popular formula milk commenrcial on Malaysian television years ago? The commercial told us about the more brain cells are connected, the cleverer the person can be.

9. Provoking our self-discipline.

Becoming a daily blogger is going to challenge us in terms of discipline. What's important is to allocate how many hours per day that we are going to spend in blogging. We have to allocate the time in order to avoid using too much time on the daily blogging activity. We don't want to disturb the other tasks and responsibilities that we need to carry out.I myself just use not more than 2 hours a day for my blog. I spend the 2 hours to write (normally during the productive and the realaxing time, I write or draft a post). I only publish it at night. I normally spend 10 to 15 minutes (to draft the layout, upload a photo/photos or a video).For that reason, I prepare my own template post to make it easier. I also allocate some time to reply the comments, messages and e-mails that I received through my blog. I also need to visit the visitor blogs. Sometimes I write some comments on my visitor blogs especially those who always write their comments in my blog.I do everything not more than 2 hours everyday. However, I spend more time during weekends.

10. Establishing our credibility.

When we are able to publish a good post everyday, it's actually an advantage. It helps us to build a good rapport between us and the readers. Despite that, when there's a new post everyday in our blog, the readers will trust us more. This is because our readers can see that we have a high discipline and serious in blogging. If we are serious in blogging, our visitors can feel the "aura". (Erm, not 'auror' in Harry Potter yeah;D)Our credibility can't be built up in just one day. It depends on what we write and how we write. FOr that reason, a daily blogger also needs to be aware of days, dates and times. The ability to publish a suitable post based on the suitable day is also important.

I've been thinking of improving this blog, maybe something along these lines... Changing my current user interface something like these guys? Umbrella Mental Health Network What do you folks think?

One of my approaches is to write a non-serious post, tutorial article and giving some tips in blogging during weekends and public holidays. This will attract some traffics from the search engine. This is due to the fact that our routine readers normally take a break from reading our blog. Thus, during the public holidays is the only suitable time to publish some posts that are different from the usual.

These are some of the advantages of becoming a daily blogger that I can trace from my own blog. They have helped me to write and manage my blog.

I would like to hear from you too;-)

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