$30 a Day in Google Adsense Income: New Tips to Increase Your Google Adsense Money

How to Make Money With Google Adsense

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My Google Adsense earnings have been hovering around $30 a day lately HALLELUJAH TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!!! so I thought it was time to write up a post listing good Google Adsense tips on how to make money out of the big G.

How to Make Money With Google Adsense:

1 Start a niche web site that's in demand.

Use the SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool to find a good in-demand topic. For example, the thousands of searches for TV shows online (you may have to reload that search a few times) let you know why my TV site is so popular.

There's also a smaller but specific need for something I like: black gospel music, so I started a site that can draw both affiliate revenue thru the CDs sold thru Amazon, plus earn Google Adsense money.

It may take time my TV site has been up since June 2007 and is the major Google Adsense breadwinner right now but if you dominate a hot niche that you love, it may prosper.

2 Use the WordPress Adsminded Wide Theme for your niche site

that's if you don't mind playing around and setting up your own dot com and learning WordPress.org. If you're not too technically inclined, still set up a free website on Blogger.com you can still make Google Adsense money off a good topic.

3 Put YouTube / Google Video Ads on your site

Google introduced these YouTube ads and I believe they have become my biggest money-maker (especially on my TV site) after I put them on the bottom of each post.

4 Integrate Google Adsense with Feedburner

If you have a Feedburner feed for your website, burn one right now on Feedburner.com and offer email subscriptions. (Easy for me to say I still need to do that with this site.)

Anyway, Feedburner recently integrated with Google Adsense so you can throw Google Ads at the bottom of your first post on your website like on my watch TV online site.

5 Verify your site on Google Webmaster Central

but use your discretion on submitting a sitemap.

Read up on all things central to Google Webmaster Central, which is how webmasters tell Google we're here. Add your site and verify it, and I use this great XML sitemap generator to easily generate a sitemap and upload it to Google.

There is a school of thought that says to only verify your site, however, so Google around and decide for yourself.

6 Drive traffic like crazy, if you SEO it, they will come

Bottom line is a lot of traffic on a niche site brings more people who are apt to click on the appropriate ads.

So check these places often to determine what's in need, then write up a post with those keywords in the URL and throughout your posts:

Yahoo Buzz Log

Google Hot Trends

AOL Hot Searches

Mahalo Top 50 Searches

SEO Tool Keyword

Happy money-making!

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